Reports & Articles

Reports, articles and books that you may find useful.

Practitioners Report (PDF)
A final report on the research aimed at education practitioners.

Academic Report (PDF)
A copy of the full academic research report.

Reports and Articles

Minority Ethnic Pupils in Mainly White Schools 
A report on a study carried out by the University of Luton for the Department for Education and Skills

‘Them and Us’: Race Equality Interventions in Mainly White Schools
A report by the Runnymede Trust

The Barriers To Challenging Racism and Promoting Race Equality in England’s Schools 
A report produced by Show Racism the Red Card



We’re All White Thanks: The Persisting Myth About White Schools by Chris Gaine
Trentham Books (2005)  ISBN: 1858563453

Chris Gaine explores ideas and strategies that support those seeking positive change in schools and communities. He makes a case for tackling the issues and devotes most of the book to moving things forward. His chapter on words, concepts and definitions is illuminating, and he rolls out past history to show why even though countering racism is never easy in white areas, it can – and has been – done. The remaining chapters are designed to support everyone working in education who is concerned to further racial justice and social cohesion through schools. They cover: suggestions for training; resources; and developing policies and strategies.

Another Spanner in the Works: Challenging Prejudice and Racism in Mainly White Schools by Eleanor Knowles and Wendy Ridley
Trentham Books (2005)  ISBN: 185856347X

A team in Cumbria describes how teachers in white areas can challenge attitudes and help children develop respect for diversity, understanding of interdependence and skills of openness and acceptance. The book tackles the hard issues of negative perceptions and prejudice. It offers a mix of stories of effective practice in white schools, and practical sections on, for instance, uncovering the attitudes held by teachers, governors, support staff and children and their perceptions of other countries.

Inclusive Schools, Inclusive Society: Race and Identity on the Agenda by Robin Richardson and Angela Wood
Trentham Books (1999)  ISBN: 1858562031

This is a manual intended to be used for planning and action against racism in schools to ensure improvement in schools for all children, not just those from ethnic minority groups. It sets out the issues, the statistics and the research that indicates which groups are failed by schools and why and then moves to a range of solutions.

Here, There and Everywhere: Belonging, Identity and Equality in Schools by Robin Richardson
Trentham Books (2004)  ISBN: 1858563437

The title captures the spirit and concerns of this handbook exploring how issues of belonging, identity and equality can be here, there and everywhere in every school.  The overarching themes and big ideas that should permeate every curriculum subject and all aspects of the hidden curriculum in the school are discussed. Training exercises and materials for staff discussion provide guidance on dealing with racist incidents and, finally, threads from the book are drawn together to support the creation and development of formal school policies.

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